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Let's talk about Values

Talking about values

I've been talking a lot about values with clients recently, so I thought I'd lay my cards on the table!

These are the values I strive to live up to in my work:

Integrity - sometimes defined as "doing the right thing, even when no-one is looking!" is something that I hope that I embody in both this and my previous career, by acting ethically. It's why you will never get a hard sell, or any pretence from me. Support - since I wanted to be a nurse when I was small, then a social worker, then I ended up as a solicitor, and more recently a coach and trainer, support of oth

ers has been a very common theme for me. Now, I strive to support clients through career and personal development. Respect - I will treat you with respect, and I also expect it in return. This I believe is closely tied with additional values of equality and justice which drove my former career too. It's why I get upset when I hear of disrespect, inequality and injustice, even when it comes down to the recruitment process and the treatment of employees (see support above). Honesty - delivered in a supportive and respectful manner. You will receive honest and constructive feedback from me (you may not agree with it, but that's fine, we will still respect each other and you will still have my support).

Commitment to quality - when you work with me, I am fully and reliably with you and you will receive follow ups and summaries of our meetings. And I will gratefully receive any constructive feedback that you have for me. Fun - Let's not forget fun! I think it is very important, even in a professional capacity, to be able to have a little fun and a laugh as well as the serious business. I'm no stand up, but I do promise a few laughs along the way! What are your values? Have you ever considered them? Do you live by them?

Making Decisions

Have you a big decision to make in work or personally and don't know what to do?

My go-to in these circumstances is my values.

Ask yourself - what is important to me right now? What is important in my life?

What is important in my work?

Write down the list of what comes up for you. Then spend some time asking which of these is the most important to you right now.

Rank them from most important.

Then go through them and ask are your values being served by the decision you are about to make? If it's a No, and a certain decision is not in alignment with your values, them I would urge you to think again.

If it's a yes, then it should feel good.

Values in Action

This worked for me when I was making a big decision about whether to step away from my law career back in 2017. I aligned with my values and I never looked back!

I'd love to hear your views and your experiences. Collette PS don't forget you are still able to get a discount from €99 down to €65 on How to Get the Job You Want and Start Strong by entering code VALENTINE23 at the checkout

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