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1. How to Get the Job You Want and Start Strong

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Dreading sending out those applications or putting together your CV, unsure of what’s expected nowadays? Or perhaps you are sending out lots of applications but frustrated by the lack of response? Or are you getting to interview stage but not performing as well as you might, or not getting offers? Or perhaps you are actually frightened of what might happen if you get a job offer and that you might, after all your hard work, decide to stay where you are (even if you know that you don’t want that)?


Not everyone has the time and resources to work one-to-one with a career coach – which is why I have put together this program.

Also included

Handy checklists, tools and PDFs included throughout to help you on your journey to the job you want.

This is a self-paced and self-study program that you will have access to forever, so you can dip in and out if needs be (or when you have a big interview coming up!) and if you need more focused one-to-one support, I am available for that too.

How to Get the Job You Want and Start Strong

Price €99.00

What we'll cover​

Module 1 - How To find the job you want

Job search methods and tips

How to turn your job search on its head (some new thinking on job searching)


Module 2 - How to optimise your CV and personal brand

​Tons of CV advice

CV templates

Cover letter advice and ideas

Module 3 - How to ace the interview

How to prepare

Online and face to face interviews

How to anticipate questions and prepare good answers

How to behave during the interview, how to close the interview

How to debrief and follow up after the interview

Module 4 - How to start strong

​What to do when you receive an offer

Juggling and comparing offers

Handing in your notice (and dealing with counter offers)

How to negotiate

What to consider when signing up

Strategies and plans for a strong start including your first 90 days planner

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