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Get your dream job

Got your sights set on the perfect job? Ensure that your CV meets the job criteria. Take the test to see if your leadership skills are right for the role. Put your best foot forward and apply with confidence. From online learning to one-on-one coaching, I will help you stand out from the rest.
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1. How to Get the Job You          Want and Start Strong

Are you planning on job-seeking soon? Maybe you haven’t done it for a while? Perhaps you are sending out lots of applications but frustrated by the lack of response?


My fully online and self-paced program How to Get the Job You Want and Start Strong will ease all those concerns, arm you with information and helpful tips so that you feel in the driving seat of your job search, more in control and able to promote yourself with a great CV and some killer interview techniques
How to get the job

2. CV Turnaround

Does your CV need a spruce up and a fresh pair of eyes? My legal background helps me with the language, expression and an eagle eye for detail. I can help you express your CV in a succinct and clear way, while maintaining the real essence of you and what you can do for an employer so they’ll be lining up to talk to you.

This great service offers CV review and feedback, a CV rewrite plus a 1 hour consultation.
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3. Express CV review

Are you about to apply for a job, but doubting your CV? Or perhaps you are happy enough with your CV but would like it proof-read or a second opinion? Or perhaps you are short on time and need to get that CV submitted quickly and want to make sure it looks and reads its best.


CV Express review gives you the benefit of my years of document drafting experience in both my legal and career coaching careers, and provides you with feedback on a super-quick basis so that you can implement it and make your application with confidence.
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4. One-to-one coaching

Do you need an impartial sounding board to help you make a decision like whether to accept a job offer, how to handle a negotiation or difficult conversation, or how to just figure something out? Or do you need focused support on job interview preparation or any other aspect of your career such as career change or transition into a new role. 

My one-to-one coaching is delivered over 4 one-hour sessions which help focus your attention on job interview preparation, making a decision or negotiating conditions, all designed to help you make plans and take action towards your goals.
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One-to-one coaching 2
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5. WISER leadership report

If you are a leader, or aspiring to be one, this in-depth report focuses on how your personality traits impact on your leadership style, your leadership strength and your potential de-railers. It also looks at your skills and values to give you excellent insight to help you make decisions and plan your future.
The WISER personal and leadership profile report will provide you with in-depth self-knowledge which will enable you to increase your self-awareness and assist you with your personal and professional development.
WISER Leadership report
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