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Get your swan costume ready!*

Hi and I hope you are well and coping in this continuing strange new world.

When I ask you about Swan, you’re probably thinking of the popular image of a swan serenely floating on the water, while all the time paddling like mad under the surface. I’m sure you've felt like that before (I know I have!), and no more so than now while you may be wanting to put on a calm exterior for your children, parents, friends or work colleagues, whilst trying to cope with this current crisis.

But that’s not the type of swan I’m thinking about today.

Rather a S.W.A.N.

In the context of what an employer wants from an employee.

And this is true whether you are currently in a job or not.

So, what is it?

An employer looks for someone who is:

It’s as simple as that. If you are looking for a job or promotion you may be thinking of how to showcase your skills, experience and achievements. And so you should, those are important.

But how are you going to stand out from all the other candidates who also have skills, experience and achievements?

Answer: by being a SWAN.

Think about what the employer wants.

They want someone who can and will do the job (smart, hard-working), who is enthusiastic and wants to progress (hard working, ambitious) and who fits in (nice). And don’t underestimate being nice. An employer will be looking for someone who fits in with the other staff and the workplace culture. This is worth a lot to them as workplace politics, grievances and conflict can cost an employer a lot. It is often worth more than qualifications and experience.

So, think about how you can showcase these traits in your CV and at interview.

Need help? I can help you prepare your CV to present the best of you. See my CV Turnaround Service

Interview preparation coaching also available.

Be a swan!

* "Get my swan costume ready!" is a Quote from Anna Pavlova

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