Are you looking for work?
Are you planning to return to the workforce after a break?
Are you thinking of applying for something different?
Are you unhappy with your current CV?
Have you been sending your CV out without success?
Perhaps you haven't drafted a CV in years?

Get expert, personalised advice and a re-drafted CV quickly and efficiently.

I've seen many, many CVs over the years as a career coach and I have seen the good, the bad and the downright ugly. I also have an eagle eye for clangers, gremlins and typos. I've seen CVs that have made me cringe and CVs that have made me jealous! I've seen CVs that would make me reject the person there and then! Nobody wants to be that person.

Your CV could be letting you down.

So what do you need to know to make your CV stand out for the right reason?

Let me give your CV my ABC treatment:

A – Assess - send me your current CV for initial assessment

B – Brainstorm - we will have a conversation to see what your CV needs to say about you

C - Craft - Let me craft your new-look, improved CV

How it works:
You send me your current CV by email for initial review.
We will then have a 30 minute CV consultation and coaching call by Zoom so I can understand a bit more about you, what jobs you are aiming for and discuss your skills and experience.
I will then send you back my comments and suggestions, together with a revised and improved version of your CV.
Time-frame - Your new CV will be sent to you within 48 hours of our Zoom call.

Schedule your 30 minute call

CV Turnaround Service