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Are you ready to have a Different Conversation?

We’ve all been dealing with various things going on in our lives and coping with huge changes. We’ve all dealt with this in our different ways. Some with quietness, some with humour, some with trying to stay connected, or with the comfort of eating, drinking, sleeping or watching TV, some with exercise, some with activity, decluttering, tidying, painting, some with creativity. Some just don’t know what to do.

None of these things are wrong. We have never had a situation like this before. An overused word, but this is unprecedented. Whatever we need to do to help us get through it is OK. Continue to do what’s working, if that’s what you feel you need to do.

Before the pandemic and lock-down I had all kinds of plans to design and present programmes in the Career Coaching area. Mostly to help people who were dissatisfied in their jobs or were considering making a career move. That seems almost offensive to people in the current climate where many are worried about their jobs and income and huge numbers have been laid off or put on short time.

And those who are working in essential services are literally risking their lives to go out to work every day. They might feel grateful to have that job, but at the same time petrified to do it. Coming back to their families at the end of a shift, worried if they’ve caught the virus or afraid of passing it on to others. Those brave, selfless people have more to be thinking about than pondering career change.

Not now.

Not only is the current situation unprecedented, but it’s also uncertain, unpredictable and (seemingly) unending. When can we get back to “normal” people want to know? When will the world start turning again? When can I go back to work, school, college, to see my parents and friends? When can I visit a restaurant, a coffee shop, the zoo? Currently we don’t know, and we’re told that a return to normal will be gradual. In the meantime, we must keep making the best of it.

Do you get tired of having these conversations? Of reading articles on this? Of hearing the numbers? There’s such a thing as isolation fatigue. We all know how bad things are and what we must do, but we are getting really fed up with it.

Do you want to talk about something else?

Would you like to start looking or planning the future?

If you are ready to have a different conversation, I invite you to consider coaching. This is a non-judgmental, supportive space for you to unpack everything that is on your mind. A coach can be your sounding board, your co-conspirator even. She can give you what the people too close to you sometimes can’t – a wood from the trees view. Somewhere you can off-load without feeling guilty. Someone who believes in you and has your back. Coaching believes that every client has the resources inside themselves to make the changes they are seeking and take the action needed.

Let’s have that different conversation.

When you’re ready.

Free 15-minute discovery call to see how I can help. Book here.

I’m also offering a limited number of 30-minute sessions per week. Email to book.

Reduced cost one-to-one hourly sessions and packages available.

Free resilience guide available here.

And if you’d like to talk about your career, we can do that too. CV review sessions available if you’d like to get your CV improved in this downtime.

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