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The Help You Decide Guide

Thinking of quitting your job but not sure if you should?

Try this handy "Help You Decide Guide"

  • Are you constantly threatening to quit? 

  • Always telling your nearest and dearest that you’ve had enough?

  • Or are you just dreaming of quitting and starting over, changing career or just taking a break?

  • Yet, you haven’t made a move. 

  • You’re still there (complaining or dreaming)

  • You’re not sure if you should... 

  • You think of what you might lose... the salary, the convenience, the comfort of knowing the job.

  • You’re afraid of making the wrong decisions... afraid of making any decision. 

  • You feel stuck, unsure and without the confidence to decide and act.

  • Maybe you’ve tried to quit before and chickened out.

  • My handy “Help You Decide Guide” is designed to bring you clarity on the actions you need to take by answering 10 simple questions.

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