Your one-stop-shop to find, apply for, interview and get offered the job you want – and to make a strong start


“Career Coaching with Collette changes the game”

                                                                                                Ciarán 2021


Have you been struggling with your job search?

Applying for lots of jobs but not getting interviews?

Or getting interviews but not getting to second round or to offer stage?


Or maybe you are now considering going out into the job market after long service in one job or industry, or after a break, and you’re not quite sure how it all works now?

Perhaps you are stalking job boards and looking at advertisements, but you lack the confidence to apply?

How to Get the Job You Want, and Start Strong is your one-stop-shop to find, apply for interview and get offered the job you want – and then to make a strong start in that new role.


Over the last few years, I have helped many clients in your position: those who are unemployed or returning to work from a break or from redundancy, those seeking a career change or a move up, down or sideways.  I have helped them with job search techniques, deciphering job advertisements, CV preparation, interview techniques and making big decisions like whether to accept an offer or not (because believe it or not the job offer is not the end of the story!)

I have supported and helped people on their job search journey, through the recruitment process and out the other side to transition into a new role.


Here’s what Ciarán said after working with me through his job search journey to land a successful and “life changing” role (his words, not mine!)

“Working with Collette as a career coach has enabled me to transform my life

and career. Career Coaching with Collette changes the game.


As a highly skilled coach, Collette enabled me to develop a thoroughly impactful

career development map and plan. Collette provides invaluable guidance on the

nuts and bolts of career progression such as CV review, role evaluation, cover letter

editing, strengths analysis, blind spot identification, interview techniques, and mock

interview preparation. Collette’s law background also really helps with reviewing,

negotiating, and managing any legal aspects of a career move.


Collaborating with Collette has improved every aspect of my professional life.  I could not recommend Engage Life Coaching enough.


Take the plunge, dream big, and partner with Collette to be that better version of yourself. ENGAGE and take your career to that next level of meaning, purpose, remuneration, and contribution.”

We worked together over several months to achieve this result.  And I fully appreciate that not everyone has the time and resources to work one-to-one with a career coach – which is why I have put together this program.


What we’ll cover

Module 1

How To find the job you want

  • Job search methods and tips

  • How to turn your job search on its head (some new thinking on job searching)

  • LinkedIn

Module 2

How to optimise your CV and personal brand

  • Tons of CV advice

  • CV templates

  • Cover letter advice and ideas

Module 3

How to ace the interview

  • How to prepare

  • Online and face to face interviews

  • How to anticipate questions and prepare good answers

  • How to behave during the interview, how to close the interview

  • How to debrief and follow up after the interview

Module 4

How to start strong

  • What to do when you receive an offer

  • Juggling and comparing offers

  • Handing in your notice (and dealing with counter offers)

  • How to negotiate

  • What to consider when signing up

  • Strategies and plans for a strong start including your first 90 days planner


Handy checklists, tools and PDFs included throughout to help you on your journey to the job you want.

This is a self-paced and self-study program that you will have access to forever, so you can dip in and out if needs be (or when you have a big interview coming up!) and if you need more focused one-to-one support, I am here for that too. 


You will need an hour approximately for each module plus extra time to put the advice into practice (for example to improve your LinkedIn profile, draft your CV, prepare for interview etc)


After this program, you will walk away with:

  • New knowledge on the job search and recruitment process

  • New thinking on how to find jobs

  • Good knowledge on how to draft a strong CV that will get you to interview

  • Know what to include in a cover letter

  • Lots of practical and down to earth tips on dealing with interviews

  • How to prepare good interview answers

  • The confidence to deal with a job offer, accept an offer or even say no

  • Negotiation strategies to get you the best deal

  • Tips on how to prepare to transition to a new role with ease and plan your first 90 days


What others say


"This program was beyond my expectations!  I have made many notes for myself for

my job search.  I never knew the power of networking before and I never considered

that there was a hidden job market.  The audio was amazing and I loved listening -

it all made perfect sense and I am now making big steps towards my career change. 

Thank you for showing me my potential!"

                                                                                                                                             Marta. October 2021 

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