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Shaking the world in a gentle way


I've been doing some self-reflection recently and also reflecting on my business. Coming up to the end of the year I like to reflect so I can begin to plan for the next year. Around this time last year, I attended a day of business coaching with other small businesses (or solopreneurs if you like) which was very helpful (I thought at the time!) for planning 2020.

Well we all know how that turned out. The best laid plans etc… It has been a difficult year for everyone, and I’m sure you’re no different.


Over the last while, I’ve also been following some business coaches and people who are selling high-ticket programs (I'm talking thousands here) and pushing their process for how to get clients signed up to these top dollar offerings. You know the ones "earn 6 figures in a month" etc? I even did some of their “free" training or challenges.

I wondered how I wasn't ambitious like this.

I wondered if I should be.

And how I could be.

Coming back to myself

But then I came back to myself and I realised that this just isn't me. I'm not a pushy person. I hate the "hard sell".

I’d been promoting the webinars that I ran in November (Interview Skills and New Year New Career) and after they were over and I realised I didn’t have to be on social media every day promoting them, it was actually a relief to me. I had found it an exhausting and frustrating process (the promotion – not the webinars, I loved doing them!).

I have realised that I am much more at ease with a gentle way of doing business and I’m much more aligned to that way of operating. And when we are more aligned, we are happier and more productive. Do you agree?

I hate the thoughts of manipulating someone into buying something with this scarcity mindset that is so prevalent, "My cart is closing" etc FOMO marketing. And then also trying to entice people with "bonuses" worth a gazillion which you know are built into the already inflated price.

I know its marketing and in a business you have to market, but to me it's dishonest, manipulative and disrespectful to the prospective client.

It just doesn't sit with me and my personality (being an introvert - which may surprise you!).

Being gentle

So, I prefer to shake the world in a gentle way.

I run a business.

I sell my service. I will have offers.

But I won't be engaging any tactics.

If you’ve signed up to my mailing list (and if you haven't, you're welcome to do so, just pop me a message), I will let you know what’s going on and what my plans are for future offerings and share my musings, thoughts, observations and advice on things career-related. You will receive this because you signed up to my mailing list and you’re very welcome to be there.

But you are also welcome to unsubscribe if this is not for you, and that’s fine too. No hard feelings!

My door is open, and my cart is not closing.

You won’t find a hard or pushy sell.

Just me.

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