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Do you dream of leaving your job? Are you mad?

In your quiet moments, do you fantasise about leaving your job?

Not necessarily in a Bridget Jones “If staying here means working within 10 yards of you, I’d rather have a job wiping Saddam Hussain’s a***” type of way (even though that might be very satisfying!) but in an “I just don’t want to be here” type of way, I’d rather do anything else.

Do you dream of winning the lotto? Not necessarily the jackpot, but just enough to give you breathing space so you could leave work now.

In your lower moments, do you even dream of being made redundant? Then you wouldn’t have to make the decision – it would be made for you, and there would be nothing you could do about it – a “fait accompli”? And sure, no-one could judge you for that – it wasn’t your fault. And they might even feel sorry for you and support you in doing something else.

But to leave a “good job” with security and a salary just because you don’t like it anymore, or you’re not happy anymore, well that’s a bit self-indulgent isn’t it?

What would people say?

Will they understand?

Will they support you?

Or will they say things like:

“You’re mad”

“Are you having a mid-life crisis?”

“I’d kill for a good job like yours”

“How are you going to manage financially?”

“Did you win the lotto?”

“You’re too young to retire!”

“Oh, are you a lady who lunches now? It’s well for you isn’t it?”

“Are you just going to give up all that education you have?”

So, are you afraid to leave your job because people will judge you?

Can I ask you this? Why do you care?

Are you living your life in line with other people’s expectations of you?

What they think you should do?

Do they give you the same consideration?

Are they thinking “Oh, I wonder what Mary will think of me if I go for this promotion?”

Sorry to disappoint you, but they’re probably not.

What are they thinking about? What’s right for them.

Do they give a hoot about what you think? Most likely not seriously.

When I decided to give up my good, professional, well paid and convenient job, I agonised over what people would say.

I thought my parents would be worried about me financially and think that I was throwing my future away. I thought that other people would l think I wanted to be a “lady who lunches”.

Or that we must be very well off to “allow” me to give up my job.

But, to my surprise, people were supportive. (Although I do get the odd “Lady Who Lunches” joke and hell, sometimes I crack them myself!)

Why? Because I knew it was the right thing to do and I was confident in my decision.

What’s the right thing for you?

It may well be that you can’t leave (at least yet).

Or you might be happier with some changes where you are.

Is it time for a new position?

A new job?

A new career?

A different direction?

A bit of a break?

Your own business?

Contact me to book a free discovery call to see how I can help.

I help mid-career women who feel like their job doesn’t fit them anymore to harness their unique strengths and skills to revive their 9 to 5!

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