Career Move Blueprint

Find a Career that Fits You, Your Lifestyle and Your Goals



A 6 week program designed to give you the know-how and confidence to plan and execute a career move,

so you can feel like you're in the job you were made for!

Online Modules | Exercises  
Focused Individual Coaching 

Designed to help you decide what you want in a career and help you get it.

What's it all about and how does it work?

Have you ever felt like you are wasted in your job?

Like there has to be something better out there for you?  Something that fits better with your lifestyle and your skills, attributes and talents?

Do you feel stressed at work?  Undervalued?  Unfulfilled?

Maybe you feel like you've drifted into a career and that it doesn't really suit you?

Or maybe you loved your job once, but you've fallen out of love with it?

Or perhaps your job, company or industry has changed, and you just don't feel the same anymore?

Or maybe your priorities or situation has changed, and your job is at odds with your situation?


Whatever it is that's making you feel this way has been lurking around for a while.

You've often thought of changing jobs or changing career, but you don't know what else you would do. 

You feel trapped in a role that just isn't working for you anymore.

You are fearful of making the wrong decision.

Of going from "the frying pan into the fire"

Maybe it's better the devil you know than the devil you don't?

You're unsure of what else you could do anyway as you've been in your role for so long.  You feel maybe that you don't have the skills to move.

You're lacking the confidence to change, although you've often dreamed of handing in your notice.  You'd never admit this, but sometimes you wish that something else would happen that would take the decision out of your hands, like a redundancy.

You also know that you have responsibilities and that you need the salary coming in.

But Monday mornings bring a sense of unease, a feeling that you're getting on the roller-coaster again and that you can't get off.  Sometimes there's even a sense of dread in the pit of your stomach... but the cycle continues because you don't know what to do.


How would it feel to stop that cycle for a while and seriously consider your future?

How would you feel if you made a change and were in a role where you felt more fulfilled?  Like you were using your skills, attributes and talents in a meaningful way?

Something that fitted with your skill set, experience and lifestyle?

Something that you loved to go to?

Something where you often felt that you'd had a good day?  Where you felt energised? 

What would that do for you?


If this describes you, firstly let me tell you that you're not alone!  I felt like this for a number of years, and as I coach clients through life and career matters, I know that lots of others do too.


That's why I have designed Career Move Blueprint to help you and others in the same position.


We're all so busy with our lives, that often we don't stop to do a review and to plan where we want to go.  We just kind of keep going and time can fly by, and suddenly we've been in the same job for years.  We don't stop to consider what control we could have of our own destiny.


This course is an opportunity for you to take some time to look at your career from the outside in, to take a really deep dive into what you want, what suits you and what you have to offer

Over 6 weeks I will help you plan and execute your career move.

What’s included: 

6 detailed modules of online content and exercises, released to you weekly and yours for evermore (so you can repeat the modules again for even more clarity!)

PLUS 3 one-hour private one-to-one sessions over Zoom, focused on what is important to you at that time and what has arisen in the modules. 


Signposts for these are suggested below, but you can schedule them anytime within the 6 weeks.


What we’ll cover:


Week 1

We will do some measurement and bench-marking (and so you can measure your progress and success against where you are now). You will identify any particular areas of your career that you see as lacking and begin to look at how you can improve these.

We will do in-depth reflection on what is working and not working for you in your current or most recent job or career.  This will give you clarity on what you want your future job or career to look like.  Ideas will begin to take shape.


Week 2

Who do you want to be?  A look at your personality and what clues that might give you about where you might be best suited.  A deep dive on what is important for a job to give back to you.  What are your needs? What drives you?  We will look at your mission and your vision to find out who you really want to be in the future when you think of work roles.




Week 3

This week we get into the specifics and detail of what you want.  We’ll have a look at what your ideal job could look like.  Here, we also identify your skills and attributes and start to see how they can transfer over to something or somewhere else.  We’ll consider what it would mean if you were to describe yourself as “successful”.  That means different things to different people, what does it mean to you?


Week 4

In week 4 we will work on your mindset for change.  What has kept you struck in the past and what is likely to crop up and derail you in this journey.  How to identify those issues and most importantly what strategies to use to keep you on track.  You will know what to do when doubt and resistance comes to call, and we will also work on some tips to keep your confidence and resolve up.




Week 5

How to get you from here to there.  How to fill in any gaps and how to market yourself towards your new role.  Tips on self-marketing, CVs, LinkedIn, Networking, applying for jobs, talking to people.


Week 6

Making and executing the plan.  Time-frames, specifics, action steps,

Accountability. How to ensure you keep to the plan.

How to keep positive and motivated, what support you might need.

You will walk away with a detailed plan of action.



Together we will get you through any barriers, create clarity and devise your plan.

At the end of the process you will have gained the confidence to make decisions and you will have 

a Career Move Blueprint, including action steps and accountability.

How exciting is that?  This is the start of your new career and I look forward to helping you get there!


What Clients Are Saying

I came to Career Move Blueprint not because I was unhappy with my current career path or even my current job, but because of a set of personal circumstances which were beyond my control. 

I heard about Collette and her course through a mutual acquaintance and I'm very glad that I did.  Through the Career Move Blueprint course Collette shares her experience, knowledge and own personal journey in a very open, honest and likeable fashion.  She is easy to listen to and has put an incredible amount of passion into each and every video. 

Through all of the online content, the written exercises, the visualisation techniques and the printable downloads a person can really get to know oneself.  The powerful questions at the end of each module were especially helpful in wrapping up the week and allowing me to ponder exactly what it was I was feeling and what I needed to do with those feelings.  The portal is easy to use and the fact that each and every module remains forever and can be revisited time and time again is a real bonus.  Even though I have completed the course, I know that I will come back to it again and again. 

Thank you Collette for all of your help!

Suzanne, September 2021


I highly recommend this brilliant program to all who looking to change career field or find a new direction in your work progression.

If you feel stuck, lost and disoriented in your search of new career plan and direction -this would be best place to change it, rebuild your vision and understanding of what

you are truly looking for and how to get there. 

It built my confidence, clarified my vision of the future career and taught me how to make all the smart steps towards my dream job.

Hanna Z., August 2021