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Providing straightforward life and career coaching, support and accountability to you in your career and life journey.  Whether it's career change, a promotion, a new job, CV preparation, an upcoming job interview, or helping you figure out what it is you want and how to get it. 

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How would it feel to become unstuck in your career?

• Are you dreading going to work in the morning?
• Do you think – is this it for the rest of my life?
• Are you feeling stuck and scared about how to achieve workplace satisfaction and progression?

This is what I can do to help
Together we will:
• Focus on what you want, what you can offer, your skills, etc
• Help you achieve your career goals by taking action with your CV, LinkedIn, job search methods, interview skills and career plan
• Look at other options to achieve job satisfaction
• Get clarity, build confidence and take action

I want people to have fulfilling careers with job satisfaction. I hate the thought of people feeling stuck and fearing that they have no options...

There are choices!

I had a career change journey myself after 20 years in law, and I’m passionate about using my experience and expertise to help people take action TODAY!

This is how I do it

• An initial discovery call (it's free - book here!)
• I offer various services and we can talk about which will suit you.  I offer one-to-one coaching tailored to your specific needs, together with online programs and a blend of both.  I also offer, psychometric assessments, personal coaching around career change, interview preparation, CV advice and drafting.  I have a practical and results-focused approach.
• There will be some pre-work and homework in between if you have booked a package

After working with me you will:
• Have clarity around career change and the confidence to start moving forwards
• Feel less fearful about changing or moving out of your comfort zone
• Have awareness that YOU have control over your own career
• Start to take action towards your career goals
• Have an understanding of what options and choices are available
• Be better placed for landing that dream job
• Have more confidence around CV creation and interview performance

If you would like to know more about what I do or book a discovery call then contact me or book a call.


"Clarity comes from engagement, not from thought.  Take action now." Marie Forleo

Testimonials, Features and Awards

Testimonials and Publications

Excellent course which helped open my mind to the many possibilities that are available when
looking for a new career. The course taught me to remember that we all have skills which are transferable. 
I have homework to do in highlighting those skills to potential employers and
adapting my personal profile to make the changes happen!

Siobhán, Workshop Attendee

Learn More About Me
Collette Bryson life coach


How did I get here?  I wasn’t one of those people who knew at 14 that they wanted to do law.  I kind of fell into it.   I had underestimated how well I would do in my A Levels and I got more points that I had anticipated.  This led me to a different degree than I had been contemplating (as a child, I had wanted to become a nurse, and as a teen wanted to be a social worker).  In Northern Ireland, where I trained, an aptitude test (2 x 3 hour exams on the same day) was required to get into training.  Although it was an exhausting day, and there was no real preparation that could be done for it, I found that I actually enjoyed doing the exam and came out feeling that I had done well and that I had the aptitude to be a lawyer. 

I got into the training and started my apprenticeship.   I dealt with a mixed bag of criminal law, litigation, family law and conveyancing.  I visited prisons and police cells and dealt with clients as diverse as petty thieves, those accused of attempted murder, abused wives,  victims of violence, victims of industrial and other accidents, to those buying and selling property. 


I then moved to Dublin, to follow my then boyfriend (now husband).  Here I worked as a general practice lawyer in two separate firms over 2 decades.  Less prison cells, but still lots of interesting cases and fascinating people.  I loved it.  I loved the variety that general practice brought.  I loved the stories of real people and they never failed to amaze me – both for good and bad reasons!  I really got to see the whole range of human behaviour and I found it so interesting.  From people who really needed access to justice, to people who just wanted to know when they would receive the inheritance from the parent they never even visited.

Somehow, over time,  I lost my love for law.   I still liked it, but I didn’t love it anymore.  With my children growing up and becoming busier with various activities, and my parents living 3 hours away from me, I re-assessed my values and came to the conclusion that full-time, full-on employment just didn’t fit me anymore.  I needed more time for family and more freedom both in time and location.  I went to a coaching information night and spent my time nodding enthusiastically.  I really got it!


Coaching was the logical next step for me.  I was still meeting with loads of people and hearing their stories.  I  was still using the people skills I had honed over 20 years in the legal profession.   And crucially  for me, I was still involved in making change happen for clients in a positive and empowering environment and seeing them progress.  An absolute non-negotiable for me was that I was still ENGAGED with human beings and their stories.  I was feeling the love again! 


And so ENGAGE LIFE COACHING was born.  


Hello and thanks for visiting my website! 

You might want to know a little about me before considering working with me.

My name is Collette Bryson and I am a Career Changer! Having spent 2 decades as a solicitor, I decided that just wasn't for me anymore, so in 2017 I left my job and retrained as a  Life Coach, Career Coach and Executive Coach.

"There is no passion to be found playing small - in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living."

Nelson Mandela

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