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Break free and finally get that dream job

  • Guided career development
  • Enjoy a better work and life balance

‘Break free and finally get that dream job!’

Collette Bryson

BA Hons / Qualified Coach and Trainer

Longing for change?

Do you long for a more fulfilling life?
Do you want better pay? More respect?
What about a job that aligns more with your values?
Maybe you seek a better work culture or simply want a change?
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Can’t move forward?

  • Feeling lost or stuck?
  • Indecisive and helpless?
  • Tied to a job that makes you unhappy?

What's stopping you?

  • Worried about moving out of your comfort zone?
  • Making a bad decision?
  • Ending up worse off?
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There is a way forward!

Make the move with confidence,
because there is no time like the present.

Hi, I'm Collette Bryson!

I'm a Life and Career Coach

I can help you...

  • Discover what you are good at
  • Pursue what you enjoy doing
  • Help to guide you towards a happy and fulfilling life

A little bit about me...

You might want to know a little about me before considering working with me. My name is Collette Bryson and I am a Career Changer! Having spent 2 decades as a solicitor, I decided that just wasn't for me anymore, so in 2017 I left my job and retrained as a Life Coach, Career Coach and Executive Coach.



I have recently availed of Collette's assistance with CV preparation and guidance. I found Collette extremely professional, diligent and approachable. She followed up exactly as scheduled and made availing of her services clear, simple and easy to use.

The Career Decision Maker was such an eye-opener and we had a great chat afterwards during which Collette guided me through the outcome step-by-step and gave me lots of advice.

The portal is easy to use and the fact that each and every module remains forever and can be revisited time and time again is a real bonus. Even though I have completed the course, I know that I will come back to it again and again.

Thank you, Collette, for all of your help!


Get unstuck, transform your career and start living the life you've always dreamed of.

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The next few steps

  • Schedule a call with Collette
  • Get the right guidance for you
  • Start enjoying your new dream job and life

Take back control

  • Be happier
  • More confident
  • Maybe earn more
  • Enjoy a better work life
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Contact Collette now for a consultation

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