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How to work with me.

There are several ways you can work with me.  I always like to talk to clients to explain how you can work with me, what you can expect (and what I expect from you!) so please book a complimentary discovery session to discuss further.


  • I'm currently putting together  a list of resources to help you.  If you'd like a copy of my free Resilience Strategies Guide please get in touch.  Check out my FREE 'Career Change - Where to Start?' resources here.

  • CV turnaround service. Does your CV need a spruce up and a fresh pair of eyes?  My legal background helps me with the language, expression and an eagle eye for detail.  I can help you express your CV in a succinct and clear way, while maintaining the real essence of you and what you can do for an employer so they’ll be lining up to talk to you.  

  • One-hour coaching for specific issues such as interview preparation

  • I provide bespoke One-to-One packages for private and corporate clients.  These comprise 4 one-hour sessions for optimum results and accountability.  You’ll get some homework to do between sessions.

  • Psychometric Assessments with personalised coaching.  I am delighted to introduce 2 assessments which will help you significantly in various aspects of your career​:

    • Career Decision Maker.  An in-depth report on your skills, values, interests and personality with particular emphasis on what career areas you will be best suited to.  This is an extremely powerful tool if you are considering a change in career, returning to the workforce after a break, or dealing with a redundancy.

    • WISER Personal & Leadership Profile.  If you’re a leader or aspiring to be one this in-depth report focuses on how your personality traits impact on your leadership style, your leadership strength and your potential de-railers.  It also looks at your skills and values to give you excellent insight to help you make decisions and plan your future.                                                               


Please contact me directly to discuss your individual needs.