Career Change: Where To Start?

Thinking of a career change, but don't know where to start? I've got a series of FREE exercises to help you get started on the road to career change!

  • Have you been thinking for some time about doing something different?

  • Have you felt unhappy, unsettled or unsatisfied in your current role?

  • Do you feel dread at the thoughts of continuing in your current role into the future?

  • Are you afraid of taking the plunge into another job or career?

  • Are you fearful of making the wrong decision?

  • Have you seen other jobs that you'd like to apply for, but didn't take the step of applying?

  • Would you love to make a change, but lack of confidence is holding you back?


If you've answered yes to any of these questions, then please sign up for my FREE series of guidance and exercises.

Through a series of 4 thought provoking exercises over a few days, I will guide you through a process that will to help you gain clarity and the confidence to move forward towards your new career!

You will gain

  • an insight into what you want in a career or role

  • confidence around your skills and what you have to offer

  • a wider perspective on the possibilities for you

  • a list of options

  • a place to start planning your career change

  • the self-belief that you can do this and make the change you've been thinking about for ages!

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